Tomic Discusses Verdasco Victory

March 3, 2012

ATP Tennis News

19 year old Bernard Tomic of Australia, spoke about THAT match against Fernando Verdasco with British Eurosport, in which the young teenager shared his thoughts after his epic five set match:

Annabel Croft:  Bernard Tomic is all over the front and the back pages of the newspaper today, have you come back to earth after your big win yesterday?

Tomic: It’s a good feeling today. I’m all recovered now. It was a great battle to get out of it and win.

Croft: How are you coping with all of the attention? In Britain a lot of the papers have always focused on Tim Henman and Andy Murray.

Tomic: Yeah I’m coping well, it’s a bit hard sometimes, but you learn to deal with it. As long as you know how to deal with it, play your tennis and not focus on the outside things like that, I think that’s what I do a good job in and I did well yesterday.

Croft: Absolutely. Now what about this headline ‘Tomic Fakes Exhaustion to Trick Verdasco.’ Can you explain what that headline is all about?

Tomic: Well, yeah it was a strange sort of few sets, both had chances to win.  I didn’t get that chance and he was up 2 sets to 0 and when I realised the third set was on, you know, and if I brought my whole intensity game to play him, I thought he was going to lift his game and beat me in that third set, so I decided to play a little bit smart and not play as much intensely and concentrate as much and I think that’s what made him realise in the third that I wasn’t really in it, but in that one way I really was and maybe win that third set.

Croft: You seem incredibly calm on the court, are you as calm on the inside as you are on the outside and where do you get that from? Is it your mum or your dad?

Tomic: I don’t think it’s definitely from both of them. I think it is my own thing and it’s different things. My dad is always stressed and talking and energetic my mum is a bit of the same.  I am calm and relaxed, so I don’t think I get it from none of  them.

Croft: Now you have been likened in the way you play tennis to Machea who was a great player on teh tour, maybe a bit to Andy Murray. Who has inspired you as a junior?

Tomic: Looking up a lot of Sampras and Agassi and Lleyton back in the day and I wanted to have everybody’s shots: Sampras’ serve, Agassi’s returns, you know, but really made my own game and play on  my own and I think I have made a good job at it. I know I play a bit different, but it’s a good thing and players struggle with it.

Croft:  Lastly, you’re a big night feature here once again on the Rod Laver Arena, tomorrow night and you will be up against the American, Sam Querrey.  What are your thoughts going into that match and what have you got to do to beat him?

Tomic: He’s a very good player, you know, he was what, top 20 before, a year ago? He can still play great tennis. He had a win first round very easily so he could be playing very good. I’ve got to come in, playing a bit more aggressive than I did at the start of the first few sets against Verdasco.

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