Tennis tweeters: who entertains the most?

By Lisa-Marie Burrows

Over the years as Twitter has progressed in popularity so has the number of  ATP and WTA tennis players who have joined Twitter and are fairly active.  Many of their tweets are entertaining, funny and honest.  There is such a selection to choose from and no doubt everybody will have their different opinions, but here are some of the most active, entertaining tweeters at present.

Serena Williams: @serenawilliams

Serena Williams has asked her nearly 3 million followers to ‘fuel her’ to victory at Wimbledon as her many loyal fans sent her encouraging messages of support en route to the final and on a Friday she enjoys ‘Serena Friday’ where she tries to answer as many questions as possible that people have sent in.  Occasionally Serena can tweet random, cryptic messages with words like ‘OMG’ with no explanation which keeps her followers guessing, but without a doubt they are funny, entertaining and very… honest. Who can forget the incident when she asked @BigSascha if he had washed his hands after going to the toilet?!

Juan Mónaco: @picomonaco

Juan Mónaco is a regular contributor to Twitter who will often tweet to his fellow players, discuss his thoughts of support for other sports like football or basketball and most recently, he has been sharing many photographs during his time at Wimbledon through to his holidays in Spanish and English. One photograph was very popular on my timeline: the shirtless haircut.  Many were disappointed to see him cut off his locks, but they were put out of their misery when they sort the photo…

Andrea Petkovic: @andreapetkovic

The popular German is fun both on court and off court – including on her twitter handle.  The lady famed for her Petkorazzi dance has brought a smile to the face of her many followers as she tweets about tennis, life, her latest funny videos she has made and her love for music and films.  The nice thing is, she will also tweet back to her fans who have been supporting her over the years in both German and English.

Fernando Verdasco: @feverdasco7

Since rejoining Twitter, Fernando Verdasco has become a daily tweeter who lets everyone know of his whereabouts, what he has been up to and his thoughts about sports and films.  Verdasco has also turned into a bit of a wannabe paparazzi; snapping photographs and videos of his fellow players and himself whilst training – and usually when he is eating out – which appears to be very often!! To make it easier for his followers, he tweets in both Spanish and English.

Ivo Karlovic: @ivokarlovic

Ivo Karlovic’s tweets are admittedly sometimes rather odd, very honest or sarcastic and it is occasionally difficult to work out if he is being serious or not – or just work out in general what he is on about at all!  Usually though, Dr. Ivo can be relied on for his honesty and after the Wimbledon foot fault debacle where he questioned the integrity of the linesmen after 11 foot fault calls, as usual Karlovic took to twitter to share his thoughts:

Andy Roddick: @andyroddick

Andy Roddick has nearly 1 million twitter followers and he is another tennis player who is always very honest with his tweets and he is not afraid to reveal his thoughts, his likes and his dislikes.  He has been a bit quieter of late, but when he does tweet, he is not afraid to share his opinions regardless of how argumentative or controversial they are. He is a man who likes to share his thoughts – why not?!

Micaela Bryan: @micaelabryan

Micaela Bryan is not an actual tennis player, but she is the daughter of one, so it kind of counts.  She may still be an adorable, little baby, but she has delivered some very entertaining tweets – usually in the form of cute photographs with players or entertaining photos during the expeditions of her short life so far.  Even the hardest of hearts cannot fail to be melted by Baby Bryan and her many uncles…

Judy Murray: @judmoo

Although Judy Murray is technically not a player on Tour, she is the very influential mum of the world No.4 Andy Murray.  Her tweets are entertaining, funny and very informative – particularly if you are a fan of cakes! Wherever she is in the world, or whatever she is up to, she always delivers an amusing tweet or photograph.  Her support of the British Fed Cup girls is always heartwarming to read too.

Apart from the tennis players official twitter handles, there are also some very entertaining accounts about a player or place.  Who can forget @PseudoFed‘s parody account based on Roger Federer? Even Rafa’s knees, Andy Murray’s dog and the new roof of Wimbledon (@WimbledonRoof) have an active twitter accounts to amuse! Twitter – what a weird and wonderful world of entertainment!

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About Lisa-Marie Burrows

Lisa-Marie Burrows has a MA in Sports Broadcast Journalism and is a freelance sports journalist. She has covered many national and international tennis tournaments and has worked in Paris for Eurosport News channel. She is a member of the International Press Association and a journalist for its online magazine, IMPress. She has contributed articles for various leading websites including,,, and Lisa-Marie operates her tennis website where you can read her reports. She can be reached at or on Twitter @TennisNewsViews.

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