Federer set for the big screen

By Lisa-Marie Burrows

There are plans for a movie about Roger Federer’s life.

A few days before Federer sealed his seventh victory at Wimbledon and created a new record ahead of all others,, Roger Federer may soon land in theaters around the world. This Lüscher, a Swiss director, has in mind a documentary film by the provisional name “Watching Federer.” Lüscher has been working on this project for almost two years.

“A film about Roger Federer is very difficult to articulate, as in his story lacks the drama,” says the director. In fact this is probably the main reason why a film has not yet been made ​​about the king of tennis. But Lüscher, a native of Zurich, is finally going to land Roger on the big screen. The ideas of the director are clear. The film will respect the essence of Federer, both in life and in the game.

Lüscher admitted:

“I find immense happiness when I watch Federer play,”

“Watching Federer” will reflect the style of the full life of the man from Basel, although not everyone is convinced by the project, as the father of Roger, Robert, is thought not to like the film intended as a documentary, but the movie industry seems excited about the project.

Lüscher was seen at the recent Wimbledon final and in Switzerland alone the match was watched live by 750 thousand people and on Facebook Federer’s page has 11 million followers.

For the movie, Lüscher has worked really hard, but the topic is interesting. Given his previous work many are very confident with the results.

“The film will focus on him as a person who goes beyond the court and enters hearts of the people,” explains Daniel Holtschi of Ascot Elite Entertainment group production.

What do you think of the intending production? Is it something you would like to watch?

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About Lisa-Marie Burrows

Lisa-Marie Burrows has a MA in Sports Broadcast Journalism and is a freelance sports journalist. She has covered many national and international tennis tournaments and has worked in Paris for Eurosport News channel. She is a member of the International Press Association and a journalist for its online magazine, IMPress. She has contributed articles for various leading websites including www.tennisgrandstand.com, www.worldtennismagazine.com, www.tennisbloggers.com, www.tennisscoop.co.uk and www.olympictennis.net. Lisa-Marie operates her tennis website www.tennisnewsviews.com where you can read her reports. She can be reached at lburrows@internationalpress.com or on Twitter @TennisNewsViews.

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