Roger Federer: “After my defeats I was left shaken”

August 27, 2012

ATP Tennis News, Interviews

By Lisa-Marie Burrows

Roger Federer feels good on the court and says he will miss Rafa Nadal. (Photo credit: Mike Stobe/AFP/Getty Images)

Roger Federer discussed many topics during his US Open press conference which ranged from Rafael Nadal to his present state of mind on court and his role as the president of the ATP Player Council.  Today Roger Federer is celebrating 293 weeks at the top of the ATP ranking, which according to the Swiss was very long process, fraught with difficulties:

“I was able to achieve this thanks to the results achieved last year and that has not always been positive. Before losing to Djokovic here, after having two match points, I suffered a bad defeat at Wimbledon against Tsonga. To be honest I left the court at that time shaken. Then I decided to go to Sydney to play the Davis Cup and the week after I relaxed on vacation. What happened after that, you all know. I have always believed that if things had been better, I could have been number one before, I was not very far from it, I certainly did not win 40 games in a row like Novak, but I felt close to the top two. What I have done is to continue to work hard. “

The sensations on the court seem to be different from last year for Roger Federer as he discussed how mentally he feels much stronger and in charge of his emotions on the tennis court:

“In 2011 I was fine but I like the feeling of not being quiet, I can not control the situation on the court, but now I am conscious that if I play well I decide who wins or loses. This is what I feel, then of course I could on the court on Monday and I can lose in the first round and go home. There’s no doubt about it. I do not underestimate any opponent, I’ve done enough of that when I was a teenager. Most people think from now on think that if I don’t win all of the Slams in which I participate, and if not I win the U.S. Open, I’ll never win one more Slam. It ‘s always like that. “

McEnroe and Agassi have argued that the level of men’s tennis has reached incredible heights, and that it is perhaps the hardest time ever and despite Federer’s name being mentioned in what has been dubbed the golden era, he disagrees and feels that there has been many great rivalries in the history of tennis:

“I would say that I disagree. If we look back 15 years and go back to when Sampras, Edberg and Agassi were playing, we just do not know yet. These players were not good enough or what? Twenty years ago we had the Connors – Lendl battles. We cannot say if we are stronger or weaker than them, just that the times have changed, now everything is much more physical, of this there is no doubt. There are many factors that have changed so you cannot make comparisons. We are in a golden age, but can it be said that it is the best ever? That’s really hard.”

Of course many are still discussing the absence of Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer has confessed that he will miss the Spaniard not being around:

“It would be better if he were here, but if he has made this decision not to play, that means it’s what he needs to stay healthy. I’m sure that for him it is not an easy time, but at the same time I do not think it is the end of the world. I just hope he takes the break he needs and returns stronger than before towards the end of the year.”

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