Serena Williams: ‘A champion knows how to get up after a fall’

September 10, 2012

Interviews, WTA Tennis News

By Lisa-Marie Burrows

Serena Williams proved to have a fighting champions attitude to help her seal victory in New York. (Photo credit: AP)

After her exquisite victory over Victoria Azarenka at the US Open, Serena Williams was in shock after her win:

“I was already preparing the closing speech as the runner-up! She played great .. Oh my God, I do not believe it yet, I’m still shocked and I am proud to have won.”

A few minutes later the American added: “It ‘s amazing. I knew that the summer would be long but I was aware that I could do well if I stayed focused. I did not expect to win all of these titles. I do not know which victory is the best because every moment was special, fabulous. Winning two gold medals, Wimbledon and then a Grand Slam, here at home, is unforgettable. This is also the 15th Slam, wow, it’s so exciting.”

Reference was then made to the time that she spent in hospital because of a pulmonary embolism:

“I believe that a champion is defined as such for their achievements but also for the times when they have fallen and was unable to get back up again. I’ve fallen several times and every time I have got up. I’m stronger than before. Look at Mohammed Ali, he was back after all those years in prison. That is a true champion.”

Serena was asked if she can reach 18 Slams like Evert or Navratilova?

“Oh, I am very motivated. I’m ready for the next tournament. With these records, I did not expect to be so close to beating them. I am 30 years old and I have never felt so young and so fit.”

A very important role model at this stage of her career is Patrick Mouratoglou: “He has had a positive impact on my life, I like his calmness while I am a bit crazy. When I look into my box during the matches, it gives me so much confidence, I appreciate it. We have a good feeling. Attending his academy in Paris gave me even more eagerness to play. “

Victoria Azarenka: “I am honored to be here next to a champion like her.  It is difficult to talk (voice broken by sobs), but she deserved to win. I gave everything and I have no regrets even if it hurts to have lost by so little. During the last 3 games there really was a lot of tension. I missed the opportunity, but she has expressed an incredible level of her game. For me, Serena is the best player ever, she brought to the court incredible levels of play and thank you because it made me a better player. Certainly if you weren’t there I could have won more titles but that’s okay! (laughs)”

Congratulations to Queen Serena on her victory and winning her amazing 15th Grand Slam in such a nail biting style!!

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